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Zephyr for Jira's integration with TestComplete will allow you to take advantage of a centralized system to define and plan your test strategy right inside Jira, create and execute automated tests with TestComplete, and seamlessly extend the existing Jira workflows to view, track, and share test results A Complete Guide to Zephyr for Jira Test Management Plugin and Various Reports: We learned more about JIRA dashboard in our previous tutorial. Here, we will explore more about Zephyr Jira. With Zephyr Jira, one can do all the testing inside Jira. This means tests/test cases can be created, viewed, edited, and executed inside Jira itself EDITIONS ZEPHYR ENTERPRISE EDITION » Real time test management platform for enterprises. ZEPHYR COMMUNITY EDITION » Free, entry level test management platform for 10 person project teams Configuring Zephyr for JIRA Test Management plugin as a post build action. In order to publish results in Zephyr for JIRA, define another post-build action. Select Publish test result to Zephyr for JIRA from Add post-build Actions dropdown. 2. Configure Zephyr plugin job. Select the JIRA URL from the dropdown

Zephyr for Jira Integration Plugin must be enabled in TestComplete. By default, the plugin is installed and enabled automatically when you install TestComplete. If you experience issues with Zephyr integration, make sure the plugin is enabled in the File > Install Extensions dialog (you can find the plugin in the Common group) Ensure that the Zephyr for JIRA plugin/add-on is enabled as well. Create a Test. Steps. To create a test case (issue with type 'test'), simply click on the 'Create' button located in the top menu navigation. The 'Create Issue' module will appear with the following fields when creating a test case Now, you can experience the power of Zephyr for Jira combined with the SmartBear test automation tools that you know and love with our new integrations. As we evolve our roadmap, unifying test automation and test management capabilities has become a forefront of our continuing vision to meet Agile and DevOps teams' need to achieve speed and quality with each deployment The Zephyr Enterprise Edition comes with a plugin which can pass defect metrics from JIRA to the Zephyr Dashboards. This plugin does come pre-installed on JIRA On-Demand instances. Zephyr for JIRA, a different product, is only available on JIRA On-Premise instances. Kind Regards This is correct. After upgrading to Zephyr for JIRA 2.0.x, you will need the ZAPI plugin to do any API manipulation. API calls that may have been figured out for Zephyr for JIRA 1.7 and earlier will not work anymore. Kind Regards, Chri

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Zephyr for JIRA Tutorial: A Complete Test Management Plugin

Zephyr is a test management plugin for Jira. Jira is a great tool to manage projects, however, it lacks a test management suite. A proper test management suite will have a place where you can create test cases, manage test executions, create and display reports, and demonstrate traceability among stories and defects Zephyr supports 7 languages and offers some smart integration options with tools such as Crowd, HipChat, Capture, Confluence, as well as test automation and CI tools. JIRA + EXTERNAL SYSTEM PLUGINS. TestRail for Jira Test Managemen Zephyr plans to bring new capabilities to Capture for Jira customers, including video capture, a browser extension for Edge, and a deep integration with Zephyr for Jira. For additional questions or concerns about this transition, please see the FAQ below Zephyr is a native application that resides in JIRA and brings test management capabilities to any JIRA project. With the addition of Zephyr for JIRA, tests can be created and viewed in any JIRA project, linked to other issues, executed immediately or as part of a test cycle and detailed test metrics can be tracked Faktura-, post- og besøksadresse: Kalnesveien 5, 1712 grålum. E-post: ad@zephyr.no Telefon: 69 11 25 00 Org. nr: 989 649 82

This is a brief introduction to Jira issues, a Zephyr test case issue, and how they tie into each other as well as into Jira workflows. For more information. Jira plugin 5: Collapsible Dashboard Sidebar. The (aptly named) Collapsible Dashboard Sidebar plugin for Jira enables you to use the full width of the screen to view and manage your dashboards. So absolutely no space is wasted. This free Jira app is so easy to get used to, you'll wonder how you lived without it Compatibility: Jira Cloud, Jira Server 7.6.0 - 8.7.1, Jira Data Center 7.6.0 - 8.7.1 Agile Poker is an add-on developed and maintained by Spartez Software. They also developed and manage other apps for Jira and Jira Service Desk. With over 1300 active installation Agile Poker for Jira is one of the most popular tools for estimating your product backlog in Jira to get it ready for grooming.

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  1. This article gives an overview of the features as well as price comparison for some of the most used JIRA test management plugins. Comparison is made for JIRA server plug-in versions, and it is based on documentation provided for each of the plugins. The following plugins are compared: Zephyr for Jira - Test Managemen
  2. Search results for Zephyr Add Test Steps. When you open a test case you will see three boxes which are: Test Step, Test Data, and Expected Result. If you want to add more steps simply click on Add button on the right-hand side. How to enter test details using Zephyr Plan Test Cycle. The next step is to add your test cases to a cycle
  3. Browse the top apps, add-ons, plugins & integrations for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Hipchat & other Atlassian products. Free 30-day trial for all apps
  4. The JIRA server could not found, or the Capture for JIRA plugin is not installed. And i cannot into Zephyr with my JIRA. Thank you. Was this review helpful? Yes No. Reply Delete. Mark as spam or abuse. kpc zephyr Oct 29, 2020
  5. Zephyr Plugin is the solution for Agile Testing if you are already using JIRA in your Agile Software Management as a tool for issue tracking and project management, and want to integrate test management into the same system. It adds many new features to JIRA: Collaboration Test Cases Writing, Reviewing, Executing, Verify Test Results

Zephyr is the most popular test management solution for the Jira platform. Zephyr integration features. As Zephyr tests are regular Jira issues, this enables creating self-containing exports from Zephyr tests with all their details from field values (test details), through attachments and comments, to test steps (instructions) Jenkins Plugin for JIRA is the add-on specially developed by the Marvelution for fast and convenient integration between these popular tools. Due to such plugins, JIRA stays at the top list of the best test management software. The main features of the Jenkins Plugin for JIRA: Build visualization on the Jenkins server in JIRA Configuring Zephyr for JIRA Test Management plugin as a post build actio= n. In order to publish results in Zephyr for JIRA, define another post-buil= d action. Select Publish test result to Zephyr for JIRA from Add post-build Actions dropdown; Configure Zephyr plugin job; Select the JIRA URL from the dropdown

Zephyr for JIRA Test Management Jenkins plugin

  1. Zephyr For JIRA connector for Jenkins. Contribute to jenkinsci/zephyr-for-jira-test-management-plugin development by creating an account on GitHub
  2. Install JIRA plugin for Zephyr test case management system. Log In. Export. XML Word Printable. Details. Type: Suggestion Status:.
  3. Install JIRA plugin for Zephyr test case management system. Log In. Export. XML Word Printable. Details. Type: Suggestion Status: Closed (View Workflow) Resolution: Fixed Component/s: Plugin Request. Labels: None. Support reference count: 1 Feedback Policy: Our product teams collect and.

Squish Test Center integrates with Zephyr for Jira to provide traceability and result synchronization between the two systems. With it, you can map Zephyr test items to Squish test suites and test cases. Traceability. The integration allows you to sync your Zephyr projects to Test Center with a click of a button Can not update Zephyr Plugin License. Can not update Zephyr Plugin License. Related content. No related content found; Still need help? The Atlassian Community is here for you. should not be null! at com.atlassian.jira.util.dbc.Assertions.notNull(Assertions.java:25) at com.atlassian.jira.jql.builder.DefaultJqlClauseBuilder. 3. After this, replace Test with Zephyr Test. This corrected the issue for us. We are using Jira version 8.3.3, Zephyr for Jira plugin version and TestComplete version 14.20.2175.7 x64

1) Currently, Zephyr for JIRA does not come built-in with the ability to execute automation from inside the plugin. Any automation done will need to be started outside Zephyr for JIRA. 2) Using the ZAPI plugin with Zephyr for JIRA will let you automatically enter execution information into Zephyr for JIRA Zephyr for JIRA Plugin for Jenkins integrates Jenkins and Zephyr for JIRA - Test Management for JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server / Data Center deployments. This plugin creates test cases and publishes test results in JIRA for JUnit test cases in Jenkins. It supports publishing maven surefire forma They cover creating, updating and working on Zephyr test case issues, mapping these issues to requirements and user stories, and searching through your Zephyr test case issues. Audience QA Testers and QA Managers that are planning to create, edit, manage, and search both new and existing test case issues, as well as being able to link/map test case issues within Zephyr for Jira

Zephyr for Jira API Client. Contribute to arpuffer/zephyr-client development by creating an account on GitHub. ZEPHYR for JIRA Client A python client for the Zephyr for Jira plugin from SmartBear. Official API documentation is NOT reliable, but can be found here: https:. Zephyr Tutorial Using Zephyr Plugins. Zephyr Tutorial Using Zephyr Plugins. Today's guest post comes to you from shailesh mangal, cto at zephyr. a major part of building add-ons for jira is the ability to show web, the step by step process of installing zephyr in jira will help you to enable test management this tutorial provides details about the 'created vs resolved issues Hi, We are using below tools: Jira as Test managment tool. Zephyr Plug-in - for writing testcases in Jira. UFT 14 - Automation Tool. So we have Automation testcases in Jira with zephyr plugin Create New API Project. Help. Apiary Powered Documentation. Sign in with Apiary account. with Apiary account Best 3 Resource Management Plugins for Jira in 2020 Jira has proven itself as a reliable product fo r teams of every type as it provides helpful features and a wide variety of tools. From the very beginning, Jira was considered as collaboration software for technical teams, but now it developed into a much more complicated system wich fits different needs

Enabling Writing Tests with in JIRA using Zephyr Plugin

1. Download and install the plugin. 1. In your Jenkins instance, click Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins: 2. On the subsequent page, switch to the Available tab and search for the Zephyr Enterprise Test Management plugin: 3. Select the check box next to the plugin name and click Install without restart. Jenkins will install the plugin and inform. Jira Plugins - Listenaufstellung; Seiten durchsuchen. Konfigurieren Bereich konfigurieren. Anhänge (64) Zephyr: Test Management in Jira. Ein Vergleich der Lösungen ist ohne die Kenntnis Ihrer genauen Vorstellungen schwierig, da die Unterschiede mitunter minimal sind

Zephty offers a Jira plugin that does test case management (note, in the past, I have done some work for Zephyr. But I have worked for a lot of test companies). If you are managing testing through test cases (formalized documents that track specific steps to risks based on requirements) and using JIRA for requirements, it allows you to keep all that information in JIRA As a plugin inside the Jira environment, Zephyr for Jira can be deployed in both the Jira cloud and Jira server. This means that when you create custom reports of, say, traceability reports, you can pick and choose your data points in Jira with JQL queries and filters, and you'll be able to export this data out where it's needed with comments or assignments Zephyr/JIRA Permission Support ZFJ sync job schedule configuration Enable/Disable option for ATOM Create a Permission to the user group / users to edit cycles Integrations & Imports. Migration from Xray to Z4J Cloud Migration from Qmetry TM (enterprise edition) to Z4J Clou From within the add-on you can set what test cycles get updated with test results in Jira at the Bamboo Task level. BDQ is a partner of Zephyr and its data profiling product called BDQ Analysis is used by notable customers such as Swiss Re, Lloyds of London, Tokio Marine, COLT, etc Build step 'Publish test result to Zephyr for JIRA' marked build as failure Finished: FAILURE. Plugin versions: Zephyr for JIRA: 1.3 Zephyr Version on JIra server: JIra version: 7.0 Jenkins Server version: 1.656 Can anyone pls help me to find why the job hangs while uploading test results and why the NPE . TIA, Suraji

Integration With Zephyr for Jira TestComplete Documentatio

In Zephyr for Jira Cloud, go to section Importer-> API Keys and generate Zephyr API keys (Secret Key and Access Key). It is essential to generate keys with the same user that will be used for data import in eazyBI. Please see Zephyr documentation for more information on Zephyr API keys Huge disk space usage on both jira_home/ caches/indexes and jira_home/data. This is caused due to misconfigurations on the frequency of synchronisations of the plugin. Git Integration for Jira clones repositories to the Jira Server/Data Center instance then indexes the repositories to link commits, branches, and pull requests to Jira issues Zephyr JIRA plugin will be used to create test cases. from this plugin we will start execution of a test case (by clicking on 'E'). - Yes we can create test case through our automation script. ZAPI is an Add-ons, to access Zephyr test cases in Jira. I am able to create Test cycle, map the TEST in new test cycle through my automation script Atlassian Jira plugins are a real productivity booster. They allow users for continuous integration with their favorite apps for better and faster work. Let's dive into the world of top Jira plugins! Check our friends: Polontech!. They implement, tune, and support Atlassian products to perfectly fit your business. Best Jira Plugins

Zephyr for JIRA Tutorial: Test Management Too

Ivan Fernandez Calvo added a comment - 2016-02-09 22:57 - edited I add compatibility with Pipeline plugin, now you can run a step of Zephyr fro jita test management plugin The Zephyr 4.6 Connector for JIRA is a Version 2 plugin. If you had a previous version of the Zephyr plugin installed, you will have to manually uninstall it before proceeding. See the Atlassian help files for more details on how to uninstall the Version 1 plugin. Prepping JIRA Install JIRA if you have not done so alread Zephyr uses add-ons for these CIs, while TestFLO provides a dedicated JAR for sending tests to Jira. The biggest difference is the ability to support XML file formats. In the case of Zephyr, we can use TestNG, NUnit, or JUnit, while TestFLO only supports the last format Zephyr for Jiraとは、Jira Core/Jira Software/Jira Service Desk(以下、Jira製品)上で動作するテスト計画、テスト進捗、テスト結果などを管理する費用対効果の高いテストマネージメントツールです

First, compare similar plugins in an excel sheet, then install the free plugin and eventually buy the pro version if needed. It is a very small investment that will lead to great returns in your business and activities. I am certain that you will not be disappointed. Keep up the great work Dylan and Zephyr Project Manager Zephyr test steps. Zephyr test cases are Jira issues of the Test type. This export example generated from the issue-navigator-with-test-steps.xlsx Excel template shows a mix of regular issue fields in the left (key, summary, priority) and Zephyr test step details in the right (instructions, test data, expected result).. jira-zephyr-test-steps.xls Jira Plugins. There are many modern Jira plugins available for test case management in Jira. Let's review them one by one. Zephyr it is a well known plugin for test case management in Jira. You can create test cases, test cycles, and track QA metrics using Zephyr Jenkins Plugin for Jira: Agile projects build often, with many teams using Jenkins for continuous integration. This plug-in integrates the build process with JIRA. Builds are included in the activity stream in Jira, helping to highlight any builds with problems. The plug-in also allows the Jenkins site configuration to be managed from within Jira

Introducing Zephyr for Jira Integrations to Synchronize

With such words, further pros of Jira plugin were broadly discussed and some examples to illustrate the comfort provided by the tool, delivered. Three particular areas to start with Adrian focused on three areas covered by Zephyr for Jira which might be the most crucial for our SolDevelo testers, namely: test management, test execution, and test summary このたび Zephyr が Capture for Jira の所有権、開発およびサポートを引き継ぐことになりました。Zephyr は、アトラシアン マーケットプレイスで最もよく売れているアプリの 1 つである Zephyr for Jira をはじめとする、チームでの高品質なソフトウェア構築に焦点を当てた多数の製品を取り扱っています Yes. The Zephyr for Jira plugin for Atlassian's Jira creates and uses a new issue type called a test case. This allows a test case to be linked to bugs that were found by running the test case, or to bugs as an explanation of how to reproduce.

Overall: Where did we expect Zephyr to do well - JIRA Integration Scaled Enterprise Agile - Automation execution - Global metrics - Tablet and mobile test execution and real time metrics What did leadership get - On the go metrics at group level and product level - Integration with Confluence for JIRA and Zephyr metrics - Reduced cost as man hours are reduced, because all QA activities can be. Better Excel Plugin for Jira è il coltellino svizzero delle app di esportazioni, in quanto ti permette di scegliere a piacimento tra 3 livelli di export:. Livello 1: Ottenere risultati. Se le tue esigenze di export non sono troppo complesse, puoi iniziare subito ad usare Better Excel in un'istanza Jira esistente. Se hai bisogno di export regolari da Jira, è probabile che troverai. Jira plugins are software that users can install to improve Jira's functionality. Zephyr for Jira - Test Management Overview. Zephyr is a robust test case management tool that lets users create test plans and link them with specific Jira issues and types Align Your Development Team & Business Analysts with the New Living Documentation Plugin for Jira. Accelerate your BDD adoption. Make Gherkin specifications accessible right inside Jira and in sync with your code repository

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Zephyr vs. Jira. See how Zephyr and Jira stack up against each other by comparing features, pricing, ratings and reviews, integrations, screenshots and security. Compare real user opinions on the pros and cons to make more informed decisions ..is a powerful add-on for Jira Server and Jira Cloud, providing easy-to-use drag-and-drop creation of custom reports, charts, and dashboard gadgets. Import your data from Jira Software, JIRA Service Desk, Tempo Timesheets, Zephyr and other popular add-ons. Visualize, and analyze all your data using many chart types Capture the value of BDD natively in JIRA. Accelerate collaboration to help teams develop the right feature from the beginning. Try it free today

一、Jira插件列表(可以将下面免费插件直接下载,然后登陆jira,在插件管理->上传插件,将下载后的免费插件直接进行上传安装即可)序号插件名称功能概要供应商资源100用户报价($)1GreenHopper敏捷项目管理Atlassian下载20002Universal Plugin Manager管理插件的查找、安装、升级、授权等,也可用于. QMetry is a Jira Test Management App that helps you to create either defects in QMetry itself while capturing execution or associate existing defects from Jira. Execute a Test Cycle. You can search for existing Bug/Defect searching with a summary or Jira issue ID. Also, you can create a new bug issue by clicking on the 'Create Bug' button. Read. The Zephyr 4.5 Connector for JIRA is a Version 2 plugin. If you had a previous version of the Zephyr plugin installed, you will have to manually uninstall it before proceeding. See the Atlassian help files for more details on how to uninstall the Version 1 plugin. Prepping JIRA . Install JIRA if you have not done so alread Once the Zephyr plugin is successfully installed the issue Type Test is not visible in the Issue List. Enabling Test to write Tests with in JIRA using Zephyr Plugin JIRA Settings->Issues->Issue type Schemas->Edit. Drag and Drop the Issue Type Test from Available Issue Types to the section Issue Types for Current Schema Zephyr for JIRA Tests Importer Utility User Guide 6 Note: to properly determine the Starting row value, reference the excel file to be imported. The Starting row will be the first row in the excel spreadsheet containing a test case

The following article is a guest post to Zephyr from Dominic Bush, Co-founder and CTO, BDQ. As of this review we are running Bamboo version 6.9.0 with Jira version 8.2.4. You may have a spreadsheet that contains more than one worksheet, checking this option imports all the worksheet which have names that match the regular expression specified as the Sheet Filter, which by default is set to This 60 minutes session will deliver a full overview of Zephyr for Jira, whether you're simply interested to learn how to manage your testing inside of Jira or if your team has begun the rollout of Zephyr for Jira. This Live Webinar Includes: Overview of test planning and execution in Jira; Using advanced reporting and traceability functionalit Zephyr For Jira Test Management Plugin Attachments:22 Added by Zephyr Developer, last edited by Zephyr Developer on Jan 11, 2016 (view change) Jenkins Home Mailing lists Source code Bugtracker Creates test cases and publishes test results in Zephyr For JIRA for JUnit test cases Security Advisories Events Plugin Information Donation Plugin ID zephyr-for-jira-test-management Changes In Latest.

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Anyone use Zephyr for test management in Jira? If so, would you recommend it or can you recommend something better? Thanks! comment. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. best. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think This handy JIRA plugin lets you send emails to anyone, in any format, which makes it easier for your team stay in touch with internal and external stakeholders. Since it was first released in 2007, Email This Issue has been helping product teams communicate effectively within the organization, while eliminating the effort of switching back and forth from an email client The rest of the download URL is made from the atlassian-plugin.xml app key (in this case com.atlassian.plugins.tutorial.jira-gadget-tutorial-plugin) and the resource 's key value (in this case i18n/ALL_ALL.xml) Great JIRA plugin for best email collaboration and email service desk regardless whether emails are to be sent inside or outside your team. As it is seen, the plugin simplifies work process so there is no more need to switch to email service outside your JIRA project Test Automation Frameworks. Selenium, Cucumber, Appium & Zephyr Jira Plugin¶ Introduction; Selenium; Mobile Tests. Appium; Cucumber and Appium; Test Automation with Zephyr (Jira Plugin) Introduction¶ opensource.com: 9 open source test-automation frameworks Get some advice to choose the right test-automation framework for your organization.

This manual contains information on how to use Capture for JIRA: Getting Capture for JIRA in your browser. Installing the Capture for JIRA extension in Chrom L'add-on Zephyr for JIRA permet de gérer des activités de test à l'intérieur de JIRA.Disponible dès le jour de la sortie de JIRA 5, ce plugin est développé activement: Zephyr for JIRA v1.6 est sorti le 19 Novembre 2012 Zephyr can be a very helpful tool for jira. It can be integrated with jira and can perform following test management functions: * Test cases can be written in it. * Test cases can be executed in it. * It eradicates the use of excel sheet for the. Pretty long ago, in 2010, Gantt-Chart for JIRA was picked as one of the «coolest plugins» and was ranked 4-th out of 15 best plugins. Gantt-Chart for JIRA advantages The JIRA plugin organizes your issues in multi-level hierarchies with parent tasks, subtasks, etc This is a brand new version of Zephyr that has to be installed on a machine that does not have a previous version. If you have a previous version of Zephyr, either uninstall it (you will blow away all your data) or contact Zephyr Support for an upgrade path that will preserve your data

Zephyr for Jira - Test Management - Version history

  1. Configuring Zephyr Enterprise Test Management plugin as a post-build action. In order to publish results in Zephyr, define another post-build action. 1. Select Publish test result to Zephyr Enterprise from Add post-build Actions dropdown. 2. Configure Zephyr plugin job. Select the Zephyr URL from the dropdown
  2. Jira Align. Jira Align is not on Atlassian Marketplace, but it is, in fact, a massive plugin for Jira Software. Until recently, Atlassian claimed Portfolio was their first SAFe® plugin, but in October 2019, they made a shift. While Jira Align is an excellent piece of software, these are some drawbacks
  3. I'm using zephyr for jira plugin with jira for test management but I don't find that working. I have googled and tried various steps for automatically updating the test results in jira once I click on the execute button from jira where my test scripts are in github. jenkins automated-tests integration-testing jira jira-zephyr
  4. How to Do Sprint Planning and Prioritize the stories. Allocation of Story Points, defect logging and report generation with Jira is also covered in this Tutorial. Along with that , you will be also learning how to write test cases in Jira with test case execution which is the most advanced feature of Zephyr Plugin
  5. Preparing for JIRA 6.1 Overview. This page is intended to be read by JIRA plugin developers to inform them of changes in JIRA 6.1 that could affect their plugins. JIRA users should consult the documentation here

Integration With Zephyr for Jira - Tutorial TestComplete

When you install the plugin, custom fields are created in JIRA. The application uses these custom fields to organize and manage vulnerabilities detected when running vulnerability scans. The Tenable Plugin for JIRA receives vulnerability data from Tenable.io and Tenable.sc on a scheduled basis and creates JIRA issues for each vulnerability in the project that you specify Jira for Outlook eases your workflow with many features: Create and update issues without leaving Outlook: Take over email attachments and text formatting like lists, colors and tables Get Jira context for emails: View related issues for the same conversation or sender in a separate sideba

Better Excel Exporter, the swiss knife of Jira to Excel

*Plugin versions:* Zephyr for JIRA: 1.3 Zephyr Version on JIra server: JIra version: 7.0 Can anyone pls help me to find why the job hangs while uploading test results and why the NPE . TIA, Surajit: Add Comment. I built a plugin skeleton like you've mentioned, via atlas-create-jira-plugin; Packaged the project by going into the project directory and running atlas-package; Ran a standalone Jira v8.0.0 by calling atlas-run-standalone --product jira --data-version 8.0.0 --version 8.0.0; Upload the app via UPM (v4.0.0.bca9de4189 Attendees will be trained in how Zephyr for Jira is used for test management, and gain hands-on experience working with Zephyr for Jira on worked examples. Attendees will be trained in how to create and organise tests and manage test cycles. Attendees will learn the basics of how to use Zephyr for Jira in an effective fashion ScriptRuby plugin for Jira allows you to obtain information from the Jira through queries written in a specific domain language called (RQL). The language is based on Ruby, with semantics similar to the well-known SQL to facilitate learnin Jira does not have any comment fields which can be added to the issue navigator. However, seeing the last comment in the issue navigator is one of the most wanted features from Atlassian users. Luckily, the Enhancer Plugin has a Comment Custom Field which you can easily define and configure Here we see a Jira card created by the Zephyr jenkins plugin and the results from CBT. Setup. Clone this repo. Follow the Zephyr documentation here for how to set up your Jenkins environment. Note: During setup, you'll need to create a Jira version and have at least one Jira card created with the 'Zephyr Test' issue type

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